High Fidelity Performance In Every System

Whether it is a stunning HiFi stereo or the latest in Home Theater technology, our systems are designed to bring you unparalleled excitement and entertainment.

Product Areas

Making high performance audio/video a reality for all. Financing options available.


Quality brands from $500 to $200,000 per pair.

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Hifi technology – turntables, amplifiers, cables and accessories.

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Sound on the go or space saving wireless systems.

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About Us

Music is our passion. Music For Pleasure has been providing the finest audio/video systems to St. Louis and surrounding areas since 1988. Our team’s combined experience spans over 100 years. We take a different approach to designing systems. Every system is a custom solution to fit your unique lifestyle but without compromising our “sound quality first” philosophy. We give you the very best in value with the added knowledge that you will understand and enjoy your system for many years.

What's New



The A.C.E. all-in-one Music Player Complete Experience of musical ecstasy. Simply hook up a pair of speakers, connect to the internet and you are ready for music, lots of music. Available now.


Our Partners

We assembled a unique blend of electronics and speaker manufacturers that share our passion and values. They design their own products from the ground up instead of buying parts and slapping on a nameplate. Our partners understand that in order to achieve the maximum potential, systems need to be set up and properly displayed both on the retail floor and in your home.   Together with our partners, we offer unparalleled consultation and service that cannot be matched by a retail store or an online store.