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Whether it is a stunning HiFi stereo or the latest in Home Theater technology, our systems are designed to bring you unparalleled excitement and entertainment.

Dynauido has entered the "Take it with you anywhere Lifestyle" arena!

Dynauido’s impressive array of new Lifestyle products!

Music 1 at $549 is an impressive little 2 way that has an analogue and USB input (battery or A/C)

Music 3 at $699 is a little larger 2 way that also has an analogue and USB input (battery or A/C)

Music 5 at $849 is a 2 way with a shared woofer for more bass with same inputs but added optical in  (A/C only)

Music 7 at $1,100 is a 3 way beast that adds HDMI as well as optical in on top of the analogue and USB (A/C only)

These can be used as singles or get 2 and pair them in the Dynauio Music App and have stereo where you never could before with the great sound of the legendary company!

Products & Services

Hifi stereo systems exude elegance in both design and performance – when done right they’re a treat to listen to.

– Consultation & Design

– Custom Installation

– Audio & Video Systems

– Electronic Systems Support

Re-Invented Integrated Amplifier

PowerNode 2

Borrowing state-of-the-art technologies from our award-winning sister company, NAD Electronics, the POWERNODE 2 can do everything the NODE 2 can do, plus effortlessly drive your choice of speakers. With the signature zero-distortion audio, the POWERNODE 2 allows you to take your favorite tracks to new levels.

Our Partners

We assembled a unique blend of electronics and speaker manufacturers that share our passion and values. They design their own products from the ground up instead of buying parts and slapping on a nameplate. Our partners understand that in order to achieve the maximum potential, systems need to be set up and properly displayed both on the retail floor and in your home.   Together with our partners, we offer unparalleled consultation and service that cannot be matched by a retail store or an online store.